The NFNPA Local Plan was formally adopted in August.

The document will run until 2036. You can access it on the NFNPA website and it makes interesting reading in terms of strategy and protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment.

For the residents of Ashurst the main concern will be the new Developments in Whartons Lane (SPF22) and land at Ashurst Hospital (SPF23).

Whartons Lane Site

Up to 60 dwellings will be built on the land in Whartons Lane with a target of 50% of affordable housing for local people in housing need.

All dwellings will be limited to a habitable floor space of 100 square metres to help meet a need for 1 to 3 bedroom properties.

Contributions will be required to enhance the Recreation Ground.

Ashurst Hospital Site

At the Ashurst Hospital site the land has been allocated for mixed use development, which means there will be retained Healthcare provision plus around 30 residential units.

These will be on the footprint of some of the existing buildings and the car park and the provision is for a care home or extra care use, again for local people.

There have been no planning applications submitted yet, but when this happens they will be considered in the normal way which means that Councillors and residents will have an opportunity to put forward their views to the National Park.

We will also try as a Parish Council to engage with the Developers before Applications are submitted.