This meeting was held at Colbury Church Rooms.

Attending: Cllr Sue Robinson (Chair), Cllr Adrian Eyre, Cllr Caroline Hubbard (Vice Chair), Cllr Mike Thomas, Cllr Clive White
In Attendance: Mrs Karen Miles (Clerk), 3 members of the public.



APOLOGIES – Cllr Austin, Cllr Thomas arrived at 6:36pm




PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ‐ members of the public are invited to ask questions or make statements on new applications only during this session. Comments made by the public were noted in respect of the applications below.


Minutes of the Last Meeting. To agree and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 21st September 2021. Proposed by Cllr Caroline Hubbard and Seconded by Cllr Adrian Eyre the minutes were Agreed and the Clerk provided a copy for the Chair to sign.

PD021/05321/00472 – Land adj 40 Whartons Lane – The National Park Authority had been in touch with the applicant to ask if the decision date could be further extended to 23rd December 2021 and the applicant had agreed. The Parish Council had heard from the applicant via email to say that they had produced an online consultation form with updated illustrative layout for the Parish Council and residents to respond to.

On viewing the document there was no further narrative of explanation on the proposals. The Parish Council felt that this was a wholly inadequate attempt to engage with residents and it was not inclusive to all residents who did not have online access and did not know about the consultation. The only publicity about this online consultation was an A4 laminated notice on one of the Recreation Ground gates.

The timescale for responses was also very short (12 days).

Cllr Robinson advised members that she had written to the developer and the NFNPA officer expressing her disappointment with the actions taken by the developer so far, the application was still factually inaccurate which had already highlighted by the Parish Council some months ago and no attempt had been made to correct them. There was a new footpath shown to the northern boundary, which was not visible on the original layout drawing, but the top part of the drawing had been cut off. The Parish Council would like clarification as to its purpose.

Cllr Robinson will write to the Planning Officer to ask about timescales and Clerk will write to The Chief exec Officer at Vivid Homes to express our disappointment about Foreman Homes and their lack of trying to engage with the Community and the Parish Council.
PD021/055New Planning Applications for the Committee’s ConsiderationDecision
21/00715 – New Forest Hotel, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst – Timber Framed Structure
Members raised concern over the bright lighting in this new building and the impact in it will have on the entrance to the village. Unanimously agreed by all Members
Permission (1)
21/00857 – 14 New Road, Ashurst – First floor extension and associated roof alterations; single storey extension; demolition of existing garage
No issues with this application. All members unanimously agreed
Permission (3)
21/00835 – 16 Wood Road, Ashurst – Single storey extension; insertion of window and roof lights to facilitate additional living accommodation; porch; alterations to fenestration; cladding
Members felt they needed more clarification of type and colour of cladding and tiles which were to be used and this needed to be with agreed with the National Park Authority.
Permission (1)
21/00829 – 126 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst – Access alterations
Members felt that this proposal would have an unacceptable impact on traffic and the bus stop, lamp-post and our bench would all have to be re-sited.
Refusal (4)
TPO/21/0545 – 28 Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst – Prune 1 x group consisting of Pine trees and 1 Oak tree.
Members agreed unanimously to defer this application to NFNPA officers for decision.
Defer to NFNPA (5)
PD021/055DecisionsNFNPA Decision
21/00708 – 21 New Road – First Floor rear extensionGrant stc 15.09.21
21/00685 – 44 Peterscroft Avenue, Ashurst – Front & rear single storey extensions, new roof/wall configuration to existing conservatoryGrant stc 28/09/21
21/00728 – 6 Holly Road, Ashurst – Single storey extension; replacement roof to covered area; 1no. additional windowGrant stc 30.09.21
TPO/21/0455 – 4 Ash Grove, Ashurst – Prune 1 x Oak treeGrant stc 27.09.21
PD021/057Village Design Statement –
Cllr Robinson advised that she hadn’t managed to get a working party together yet to discuss the Village Design Statement as she had been busy with several planning training sessions and dealing with the Whartons Lane planning application.
PD021/048Items for the Next Meeting
21/00472 – Land adj 40 Whartons Lane, Ashurst – 62 no dwellings & parking
Village Design Statement – Update on Working Party meeting
Bomb Shelter – clearance of area

Meeting closed at 7.27pm