Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch

Perhaps I may be tempting fate to say that despite the offensive of burglaries in March – 10 in one week, Ashurst has been relatively quiet crime-wise over the last year.

Sadly, there have been other recent incidents and my sympathies go to those who have had items stolen be it from their home or out-buildings…it is not easy to lose something that holds special memories and can be expensive to replace – if that’s at all possible.

I realise we are fast approaching the Christmas season and it is with that in mind I make a plea…….DO YOUR BEST NOT TO BECOME A VICTIM OF CRIME this Festive Season.

We may think we have done enough to safeguard our property but there is always the extra precaution we can take to ensure we have done as much as possible to thwart the burglar.

When the Big Day has arrived – (or even before if you can’t wait for Santa!) – don’t leave named packaging on view…break it up and put it in a bin bag.

The best way to advertise an expensive gift or purchase is to leave all the packing out for the dustman…it won’t be his fault if the ‘less-than-honest’ finds out what you have.

Try to keep wrapped gifts out of sight of windows if you are not at home and fit a timer to lighting keeping curtains drawn in the evening.

Don’t leave items in your car then leave it unlocked…it still happens, believe it or not!

Report any suspicious individuals or vehicles especially at this time of year when the clocks go back and it’s darker earlier.

Please don’t let cold-callers into your home; they may not be honest no matter what they say.

Be wary of unsolicited phone-calls and emails – never give personal details to any caller, you cannot prove they are who they say they are.

With emails, always check the source and if it looks wrong or asks you to click on a link…delete it immediately.

I would like to thank the Ashurst & Colbury N.W. Team for their commitment and sterling work this year.

We have been working closely with a truly supportive partner in our Neighbourhood Policing Team, but they can only act when they have enough information i.e. a vehicle registration together with location, time and date.

A photograph – if possible- or a good description of a stranger you are not happy about – again with time and date.

The calls to the 101 number are numerous and steadily increasing but please don’t hesitate to call, it really does help….also, calls can be made to the Crimestoppers number; 0800 555 111.

This isn’t rocket science – just common sense.

Let’s give ourselves and our Neighbourhood Policing Team a really great Christmas present this year… few thefts as possible!

We are still a low crime area.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable Festive Season.

Karen Oliver,
Lead coordinator,
Ashurst & Colbury N.W. Group.