The Magazine is intended to provide information to residents on local activities, and matters of general interest.

It will be published each month except January.

Terms and Conditions
The acceptance of any entry for the Parish Newsletter is subject to the terms and conditions set out below, effective from 1st March 2016.

1. Deadline 
All entries for the Magazine must be received by the Editor on or before the deadline specified in the preceding magazine. They must be in writing, preferably by email although other formats will be accepted.

2. Articles
Articles may be published free of charge, provided space is available, and at the discretion of the Magazine Committee. They must not contain political material or advertising material.

3. Editorial 
Any editorial is placed at the discretion at the magazine committee and not conditional to an advertisement order.

4. Local Groups 
Contact details for “local groups” are free of charge and restricted to names and telephone numbers only.

5. What’s On
Entries for the ‘What’s On’ section are free of charge, and will be limited to a few lines giving basic details, and agreed with the Editor. Precedence will be given to local events or activities.

6. Advertisements
Every care will be taken to ensure insertion of advertisements. However, all orders/contracts for Advertisements are accepted subject to and on the condition that the Parish Council shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure of the Advertisement to appear or printer’s error.

  • a) Advertisements from anyone advertising must be paid within the date specified on the invoice.
  • b) Advertising rates are published below and one month’s notice will be given to existing advertisers of any change to the rates. Advertisements already prepaid at the time of notification of change will not be affected by the change until they are renewed.
  • c) In the event that more advertisements are received than the advertising space available, precedence will be given to people and businesses located in Ashurst and Colbury.
  • d) The Parish Council reserves the right to decline or omit any Advertisement.

Full page 132x192mm £44.00
Half page 132 x 93.5mm £22.00
1/4 page 63.5 x 93.5mm or 132mm x 44.5mm £12.00
1/8 page 63.5 x 44.5mm £8.00
Reduced rate; pay for 5 months and get 6th month free.

Updated April 4th 2016