1st Toby Morley Age 8
Adventures in Austria

1st Jonathan Fry Age 11
Message of a bottle

Thank you to all the children who sent us their stories for the competition.

We have finally came to a decision on the first 3 places in each group and by now all the children should have been advised of the outcome and thanked for their contribution.

We had five judges in all; myself, (Cllr Clive White), Cllr Caroline Hubbard, Mrs Di Swain, Mrs Jackie Baker and Mrs Karen White and the process of placing the stories in order of merit was much more difficult than I had imagined.

Luckily we had some good experience within the group which helped me a lot, because I found it incredibly hard to judge one story against another.

How on earth the BBC do it for their competition is beyond me!

Anyway, I think it is fair to say that we felt that all the children had done well. The variety of plots and originality, characterisation and language was impressive. I am sure the other judges agree in expressing the view that everyone should be congratulated in taking part, so jolly well done!

So the results are as follows

Age Group 5 to 9

  • 1st Toby Morley Age 8
    Adventures in Austria
  • 2nd Clemmy Studdert-Kennedy Age 8
    Cuddles the Daschund
  • 3rd Keziah Mills Age 8
    Me and my flying Unicorn called Penelope

Age Group 10 to 13

  • 1st Jonathan Fry Age 11
    Message of a bottle
  • 2nd Kai Farr Age 10
  • 3rd George White Age 11
    Light in the dark

To those who are not listed above, thank you very much for your entry, and particular thanks should also go to our youngest entrant, Teagan Mills, (Age 7) who whilst not a prize winner still wrote a creative and enjoyable story.

So well done to you all and thank you for taking part. The two first placed stories are reproduced in this magazine for our readers, we hope you enjoy them, and if space allows we shall print some of the other stories in due course.

Thank you.

Cllr. Clive White.
Community and Engagement Committee.