We are asking for entries to take part in a Competition to design a new Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council Logo…..there will be a £50 prize for the winning entry!

We thought it would be rather nice if our new logo was designed by a resident.

We’re looking for something that reflects our community, the village and has a simple, modern but relevant theme.

– An original design
– Coloured
– Include the words Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council.
– We are going to award a £50 voucher from The Range to whoever comes up with the best design, which we shall use on our website, headed paper, in this magazine, on FaceBook and anything else that needs our logo on it.

You can submit as many designs as you wish and entries are encouraged from all ages.

We hope to make the final selection at the Parish AGM on 17th May, so please send your entries to the Clerk, Helen Klaassen by Tuesday 10th May.

Your submissions should be on an A4 size paper, either sent by post or scanned and sent to Helen. Ideally they should be big enough to allow the judges to clearly see what is represented (with explanatory notations if you like) and capable of still being clear when reduced in size to approx 3.5 cm wide, 2.5 cm high, which is the approximate size we would want the actual logo to be.

The winning design will be published in the magazine and, although the Parish council would retain copyright and the final version may have some adjustments for technical reasons, the designer will be rewarded with a £50 voucher for use in The Range, which sells artist’s materials among other things.

So, get your creative thinking hat on and a big ‘thank you’ from the Parish Council to those of you who take part. Good Luck! Any questions please contact me.

Cllr Clive White, on behalf of the Magazine Committee