Minutes of Full Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 20 July 2021 – 7:30pm
at Colbury Church Rooms, Deerleap Lane, Colbury

Attended by: Cllr Caroline Hubbard, (Chair), Cllr Adrian Eyre, Cllr Sue Robinson, Cllr Caroline Smith,
Cllr Bobbie Torkington, Cllr Clive White (Vice Chair),

Cllr Keith Mans (HCC)

In Attendance: Karen Miles (Clerk), 3 members of the public

21/033 Apologies – Cllr Andy Austin, Cllr Mike Thomas,

NFDC Cllr Derek Tipp, NFDC Cllr Joe Reilly, PCSO Richard Williams

21/034 Declarations of Interest – None
21/035 Public Participation – The Chair of the Allotment Committee thanked the Clerk for quickly identifying and rectifying the problems with the allotment gate padlocks.

Residents were concerned with parent’s parking dropping their children to the school which resulted in blocking access for the school bus.

Councillor Hubbard advised that the Junior School had sent letters out to parents with photo’s of the inconsiderate parking and re-iterated where parents could and could not park.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator wanted to know what time she could set up her stall for the Village Event being held on 11 September.

There will be a Community Engagement Committee meeting being held on 29 July to finalise these details.

21/036 Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Full Council Meeting as a Correct Record of Proceedings and Matters Arising / Action Updates From those Minutes.

To Receive Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 15 June 2021

PROPOSED: Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 15 June 2021 were formally received.

RESOLVED: Proposed by Cllr Eyre and Seconded by Cllr Robinson the Minutes were AGREED by all Members and the Clerk provided the Chair with a copy for signing.

Matters Arising:

21/028 Removal of Toddlers Swings/Slide/Flooring – The correct paperwork, (Certificate of liability, Method Statement and Risk Assessment) has now been received. Clerk to instruct contractor to proceed with works and obtain a start date.

21/028 Drainage Surveys – All members agreed unanimously to wait until the drainage survey had been carried out by the developers before progressing any further with this project. To be deferred until the September meeting.

21/037 Whartons Lane update from Planning Meeting

Cllr Robinson updated all members about this application and what the Planning Committee have done since receiving notification of the application.

A Working Party was formed and after several closed meetings, the Planning Committee sent a detailed list of questions that they would like the developer to answer.

The response from the developer was disappointing and many questions were left either poorly answered or unanswered.

Cllr Hubbard advised Members that she had had a telephone conversation with the Landscape Officer and they had discussed perimeter lighting and ponds.

Cllr Robinson thanked Cllrs Hubbard and White for their invaluable assistance with this application.

Cllr White thanked Cllr Robinson for her hard work in providing the very detailed report which formed the Parish Councils response to NFNPA.

21/038 Village Event – Update from Working Party

Cllr Torkington gave an update and said that among those attending were the New Forest Brass Band who would play for 20 minute intervals, Tai Chi Group, Storyteller, Illustrator, WI Stall, Ice Cream Van.

There will be a Community Engagement meeting being held next week to finalise details for local groups re access etc.

21/039 Accounts.

  1. To Receive and Approve the Monthly Schedule of Payments – Appendix A

RESOLVED: The schedule was received by Members and approved for payment, authorised by Cllr Eyre and Cllr Hubbard.

  1. To Receive and Approve the Bank Reconciliation to 30th June 2021 – Appendix B

RESOLVED: Bank Reconciliation report upto 30th June 2021 was received and accepted by all Members present. Proposed by Cllr Hubbard and seconded by Cllr White.

  1. To Consider a Grant Application from Citizens Advice – £300.00 Appendix C.

RESOLVED: After lengthy discussion, all members agreed to award £150 to Citizens Advice as a one-off payment. Clerk to write to advise that the Parish Council cannot guarantee future payments. Proposed by Cllr Hubbard and Seconded by Cllr White.

Also when reviewing the Policies at the September meeting, to look at Grant Policy and seek a resolution to review Grant Applications on a quarterly basis.

21/040 Reports. To receive reports and relevant information from;

County and District Councillors – Cllr Mans (HCC) said that it was nice to see everyone again after so long and finally getting back to normal again.

His recent HCC meeting was cancelled due to the rise in infections and future events will have to be judged on a day-to-day basis.

Out of the 2,000 people that work at The Castle, there is only about 100 staff working in the building at the moment.

There is a lack of staff everywhere at the moment, particularly in hospitality due to staff that had been furloughed returning to their usual employment.

Education: There are a lot of schools affected by infections and track and trace.

15,000 children that should be in education are currently at home in isolation.

Although he was aware of the rise in cases around the New Forest area and in particular at Foxhills, generally in Hampshire our infection rates are lower than elsewhere in the Country.

Cllr Torkington asked how many cases of Covid there had been locally and Cllr Mans advised that there was a website called “Covid in your area” for a detailed breakdown of cases in areas.

Consultation on net savings: We might be aware that there is currently a consultation on savings within HCC. The County just about broke even last year with the main part of the budget being spent on the elderly and people with learning difficulties. He asked if we haven’t already filled in the questionnaires then to do so to have our say.

New Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones – If we wanted to ask Donna Jones along to any of our events, she would be happy to come.

Councillor Mans has up to £500 in his budget which could be put towards our new playground if we put in a Grant Application.

  1. Committee Chairs – No reports received from any Committee Chairs
  2. Parish Councillors:

Cllr Robinson had recently received an email from the Time Banking people advising that we could apply for a £5,000.00 grant. To be discussed at the September meeting.

Cllr Eyre had recently attended The Knowledge Course and found it very interesting.

Cllr Hubbard had also recently been on a training course and said that it was good to see Councillors taking up training courses – there was plenty of provision in the budget and if any Councillors wanted to go on a course to let the Clerk know. Clerk to email all Councillors a list of available courses

Police / Neighbourhood Watch – See report below.



21/041 New Play Equipment – Update re drainage survey and removal of obsolete play equipment

PROPOSED: Now that the correct Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Insurance paperwork has been received it was

RESOLVED: Proposed by Cllr Hubbard and Seconded by Cllr Smith to instruct the Contractor to start work AGREED by all members present

21/042 Community Engagement – Set Committee Meeting Date, Required in Order to Appoint Chair and Vice Chair.

The date was set for Thursday 29th July at 10.30am. Meeting to be held at the Church Rooms, Deerleap Lane, Colbury. Cllr White to email Clerk with list of items to be included on the agenda.

21/043 Correspondence

The Letter dated 30.06.21 from Life Education Wessex thanking the Parish Council for the Grant payment of £250 was read out to all members

21/044 Items for Discussion at the Next Meeting.

Policies to be reviewed at September meeting – Clerk to send reminder to all Councillors.

Financial Regulations – Cllr White to review this policy.

Time Banking – decide to apply for £5,000 Grant

SIDS – Speed Device – Speak to Richard Williams

Ashurst Railway Station – adopting station.

21/045 Close of Meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.02 pm

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st September 2021

Date Ref. Payee Details Cost VAT
23.06.21 28 Karen Miles Salary June £356.78
23.06.21 29 Alf Baker Salary June £156.00
23.06.21 30 Nightingale Groundcare Monthly Grounds Maintenance 7949 £243.90 £40.65
23.06.21 31 HALC Caroline Hubbard Training 4684 £54.00 £9.00
23.06.21 32 Life Education Wessex Grant payment £250.00
30.06.21 DD Unity Trust Service Charge Service Charge for June 21 £18.00
15.06.21 DD Tesco Mobile Mobile Phone Charges £8.50
22.06.21 DD Business Stream Allotment Water £722.00
30.06.2021 33 HMRC Cumbernauld PAYE & NI 06.06.2021 – 05.07.2021 £89.00
30.06.2021 34 TLC Online Parish Magazines for June £450.00
30.06.2021 35 Rokill Allotment Pest Control 29.06-28.09.21 £168.00 £28.00
30.06.2021 36 Lok n Store Rental of unit T0702 05.07-01.08.21 £84.00 £14.00
30.06.2021 37 Karen Miles Expenses June, printer, mileage £314.72
08.07.2021 38 Mrs L Wheeler Locum Clerk Service June 2021 £1,143.80
08.07.2021 39 HALC Cllr Development Adrian Eyre 24.06.21 £95.00 £19.00
08.07.2021 40 HALC New Clerk Karen Miles 06.&20.07.21 £95.00 £19.00
Totals £ 4,248.70 £129.65

N.W. Report for the Parish Council meeting

On Tuesday 20 July 2021

The first item was about the parking in Whartons Lane at School time. It was agreed that the Parish Council as a whole, would write to the school regarding this issue and I was happy to agree.

Further to the Cyberchampion launch by Avast and N.W., an update on the method of contact is as follows; Find the website and click to request support.

That will take you to “Open Ticket” or “Check ticket status”. Give your email address or phone number…..the padlock shows it is a protected site.

You will then be able to receive help by an advisor who has been vetted by the Police and undergone training.

My apologies were given for the absence of a local CyberChampion as I overlooked advising him that a seat had been reserved for him at the meeting.

I warned of the resurgence of the scrap metal merchants and suspicious vehicles now that the better weather is here.

If you haven’t requested a visit from these callers, turn them away and report to Police if they get aggressive.

I did not receive any report from PCSO Richard Williams but noted that he and the N.P.Team had been very active of late with the newly formed Ashurst &n Colbury Speedwatch team.

Also, they had been active in the Forest car-parks advising against leaving valuables in vehicles whilst on walks.