At the 2015 Annual General Meeting, the following Councillors were elected:

Vice Chairman Cllr Caroline Hubbard

Planning Committee

Cllr Hubbard, Cllr White

Recreation Ground Committee

Cllr Arnold, Cllr Sturgess

Allotments Committee
Cllr Arnold (Chair), Cllr Hubbard, Cllr White

Staffing Committee

Cllr White, Cllr Thomas,  Cllr Arnold


Cllr White (chair), Cllr Lacey, Cllr Sturgess

Village Fete

Cllr Sturgess (Chair), Cllr Hubbard, Cllr Arnold, Cllr White

Council Representatives

Cllr Sturgess

New Forest Association of Local Councils 

Cllr Arnold, Cllr Sturgess

New Forest Consultative Panel    
Cllr Hubbard, Cllr Thomas