Open Spaces

Cllr Caroline Hubbard (Chair), Cllr Mike Thomas, Cllr Heather Richards, Cllr Emma Lacey.

Community Engagement

Cllr Richards, Cllr Lacey (Chair), Cllr White, Cllr Thomas.

Highways and Transport

Cllr Hobbs (Chair), Cllr Morris, Cllr Hubbard, Cllr Thomas.

Planning and Development

Cllr Hubbard (Chair), Cllr White, Cllr Morris, Cllr Thomas.

Finance and Resources (primarily chairs of other committees)

Cllr Hobbs, Cllr Richards, Cllr Lacey (Chair), Cllr White, Cllr Hubbard.

Parish Plan Working Party

Cllrs Lacey and Richards and members of public.


Ian Oliver; agreed as Allotment Holder Holders Representative and voting member of the Open Spaces Committee for Allotment Matters.

NFALC (New Forest Association of Local Councils)

Cllr Hubbard and 1 other.

New Forest Consultative Panel

Cllr Thomas, Cllr Hubbard.

New Forest Passenger Transport Forum

Cllr Hobbs.