About Us

Parish Councils were formed by an Act of Parliament in 1894

Ashurst and Colbury were a part of Totton and Eling Parish Council until a select committee made up of 8 members and supported by the community decided to form Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council.

This meeting was held in the Church Rooms in Colbury on the 27th February 1981. At that time 19 members stood for election and eight were formally elected.

However, it was not until 1985 that Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council became totally effective in their own right.

Since that time the Parish Council has dealt with, and is continually dealing with, matters that affect the parish and its residents and this information can be viewed in the Parish Council newsletter that is delivered to its residents every month.

*Our thanks to Eric Bashford for providing the above information.

We look after the interests of those who live within the parish.

The County and City councils are responsible for health, police, education, planning, litter, public transport & highways amongst other things. Parish Councils do have wide powers and authority, but we are in a fairly unique situation in that being part of Hampshire many of those matters are enacted by Hampshire County Council.

What we do is represent the residents who live in the Parish in matters of local government. Some of those responsibilities include: –

  • Local Planning (which covers anything from satellite dishes to new developments and roads)
  • Economic development
  • Environmental matters
  • Community projects
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Contact with the City and County Councils
  • Complaints
  • Information and advice

In addition we have some powers in relation to the provision of services and facilities which bring direct benefit to the parish.

The Parish Council currently meets every month (except August) on the third Tuesday, at Colbury Church Rooms. a full set of dates for the current year are available by visiting our Calendar of Meetings page.